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Lexington Kentucky 859-699-2951
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Optimum Gloss Coat Paint Coating.

Semi-permanent paint protection from Optimum! 

Are paint coating package is not only for new cars it's an excellent choice for older cars also. Our detailing process completely restores your car is finished back to new condition leaving a super glossy shine. Then we apply the coating to give your car even more shine that last for up to two years.

Optimum Gloss Coat Paint Coating is high-tech polymer coating system that adds an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s delicate surfaces. This unique formula was designed specifically to help maintain your vehicle by providing resistance to etching and swirl marks.  Offers up to two years of protection!

You’re probably aware by now as to just how thin your vehicle’s clear coat actually is. Optimum Gloss Coat Paint Coating forms a slick and glossy shell of protection that resists harsh detergents, wash-induced swirl marks, and other marring. Since the surface is so slick, Optimum Gloss Coat Paint Coating creates a self-cleaning effect, making your treated vehicle easier to clean! 

Optimum Gloss Coat Paint Coating is safe for use on nearly all of your vehicle’s delicate surfaces including paint, wheels, plastic trim, aluminum, and chrome. The shell-like barrier that Optimum Gloss Coat Paint Coating provides will protect our vehicle from the elements for up to two years, so you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the view!

If you want the ultimate protection for the exterior of your car with the ease of cleaning and maintaining without waxing for two years a paint coating is what you're looking for.