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Lexington Kentucky 859-699-2951
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What Exactly Is Detailing?

Detailing is a loosely defined term that is heavily used throughout the automotive world. For many, detailing simply involves a basic wash and a vacuum, but to me it is much, much more. I spend hours working to bring your vehicle back to its original beauty using a variety of quality, professional grade products in order to maximize the overall appearance of your vehicle.  I use proven techniques developed by the leaders in the detailing industry that will make your vehicle shine.  My meticulous work ethic and attention to detail has helped promote my business to new heights and clearly sets me apart from the competition!

Basic maintenance washes are recommended to be completed every 1-2 weeks to prevent major build up of contamination on your paint.  This can easily be done by the vehicle owner, but we are more than happy to accept these types of jobs when time allows.

Why Should I Have My Car Detailed?

Protection detailing, involving applying carnauba wax or polymer sealant, provides a layer of protection for your paint from the elements.  This should be performed several times each year to maintain optimal protection.  Since most people are too busy to frequently take their car to the detailer, I highly recommend upgrading to a premium paint coating such as CQuartz Finest for 2 years (or more) of superior protection, gloss, and ease of maintenance!

Polishing is a vital process to keep your paint free of very light swirls and scratches that occur with time. This is a great way to keep your vehicle in perfect condition and should be repeated as needed. If you find that your paint has developed more severe swirls and scratches, we offer more advanced paint correction processes to be completed on an as needed basis as well.

What Is The Difference Between Swirl Marks And Scratches?

Swirl marks are typically introduced to the paint through means of improper maintenance techniques and tend to be light defects that are easier to correct.  These types of lighter defects are mostly removed through the polishing processes included in any of our Exterior Enhancement Packages.  

Scratches refer to damage that occurs accidentally during day-to-day events, such as someone rubbing against your car while walking in the parking lot. These can range from very light to heavy defects and can be more challenging to correct.  The lighter scratches are easily removed with the polishing process mentioned above, however the more moderate to heavy scratches will require more advanced paint correction, and sometimes even sanding.  Some scratches may be too severe to safely remove through detailing processes.

                 Swirls                                                                                        Scratch

What Is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is my specialty!  

Paint correction is a process which removes many of the visible defects on your paint such as moderate scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, water spots and etching.  Proper correction will level the clear coat, producing a deep, shiny surface which is then protected to achieve the ultimate glossy finish.

A light polish is included in all of the Exterior Enhancement Packages, but additional Paint Correction Services can be added on to any package to remove the more severe defects that may not be removed with the included polishing process.  

Before heavier correction begins, the thickness of your paint is measured with our digital paint thickness gauge.  These measurements allow us to determine if it is safe to proceed with the correction process on your car, since the safety of your vehicle is the primary focus while it is in my hands.  Next, the proper products and pads are carefully selected to suit your unique type of paint and are used with dual action polishers to safely eliminate defects such as swirls, moderate scratches, water marks, bird bomb etchings, and more from your paint.  After the initial correction phase, the surface is then carefully refined with one or more polishing steps.  This will produce a much deeper, glossy shine that will greatly enhance the look of your vehicle.  

I would love to have a look at your vehicle to suggest the best course of action to fit your budget and to maximize the appearance of your vehicle!  Contact me to discuss what I can do for you!

note: some defects may be too severe to safely remove through paint correction

Why Should I Have My Car Detailed When I Can Go To The Car Wash?

While it is true that you can get a much quicker and cheaper wash at the local car wash, chances are it is the frequent trips to the local car wash that have left your vehicle in such poor shape. Many local car washes are operated by employees with minimal (if any) training on  proper washing & drying techniques. These improper methods combined with the low quality products and tools will leave a large amount of swirl marks and scratches that only get worse over time.  This leaves your finish looking dull and faded. Fortunately, I can bring your vehicle's paint back to life with the proper detailing. Don't continue to waste money at the local car wash when it will end up costing more money to fix their mistakes in the future. Let me correct your vehicle - you'll be amazed when you see the difference!

With the proper products and tools, you can easily maintain your vehicle on your own. This is much safer for your vehicle, and will ultimately save you money and headaches after dealing with the damages caused by local washes.

Want to maintain your vehicle, but not sure where to start? Just ask! We will be more than happy to coach you on the proper hand washing & drying techniques!

What About Automatic Washes, Can They Damage My Paint?

Simple answer, yes, they can damage your paint. While touchless washes are alright on occasion, like during the winter months, hand washes are the best choice when it comes to properly maintaining your vehicle's paint. Touchless washes tend to use very concentrated, harsh chemicals to try to clean your vehicle which will ultimately wear down and eventually strip any wax or protection from your paint.  These touchless services also leave a good amount of tiny dirt particles on your vehicle's surface.  Since many touchless washes have employees waiting at the end to dry your vehicle, they are actually scratching the surface because there is still dirt particles on your paint, and they are simply rubbing the dirt onto your paint with inadequate towels.  It is important to avoid these types of operations. 

With the proper products and tools, you can easily maintain your vehicle on your own. This is much safer for your vehicle, and will ultimately save you money and headaches after dealing with the damages caused by automatic washes.

Do You Have Any Discounts Or Promotions?

Customer Referral Program

Whether you are a previous customer, or have simply seen our work, we appreciate any referrals and are happy to compensate you spreading the word about our fantastic services.

  • Any individual who refers a customer will receive $15 credit towards any future service
  • Maximum credit to be redeemed per appointment is $50, however if you have more than $50 credit, any remaining credit will be rolled over for future appointments.

Credit is issued once a referred customer has scheduled an appointment and the work has been completed.  It is the responsibility of the referred customer to mention the name of the person who referred them.

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What Products Do You Use?

We use many professional products that have been proven to provide outstanding results from a number of manufacturers. These include, but are not limited to: FLEX, CarPro, Meguiar's, Menzerna, Chemical Guys, Optimum, Blackfire, 303, Lake Country, 22PLE, and more.

I make an effort to document as much of my work as I can on my Recent Work Page.  Each article includes a complete list of products used, be sure to check it out!